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The Advantages Of working With An Experienced Videographer

Wedding Photography    
Due to money constraints a lot of couples get an inexperienced semi professional videographer or a family friend to film their big day. Obviously this is more often than not a quality compromise that they have to accept.

There is great skill and experience involved in producing successful wedding videos and as such if you compromise the investment, then you will likely compromise the quality of the video.
An inexperienced videotographer can not only have a bad effect on the wedding video, but also have a bad affect on the wedding photography for a variety of reasons.
Getting In The Way. Inexperienced videographers are often so in awe of the task in hand, that they are so concentrated on their job of getting great video footage, that they cannot concentrate on keeping out of the way of the photographers camera.
We have had such an experience many times and it is very frustrating. As a photographer you are working hard to produce the best wedding photography you can. There you are making your best effort during the wedding ceremony to make the image  look great with the perfect exposure and composition and then suddenly the videographer stands right in front of your lens and ruins your shot.
He may not have done it on purpose but this could miss you the perfectly timed shot you where waiting for which you may not get the chance to capture again.
Experienced videographers and photographers should be able to communicate and work closely together without getting in each others way. They should always be polite to each other and communicate what they are wanting to do next. This way we believe any mistakes like walking in front of each others shots won’t be a problem.
We have worked with many fantastic videographers over the years who have had a great rapport with the bride, groom and guests who have great stylisation within their compositions. One videographer who is a pleasure to work with is Mark from White Wedding Videos. He is always extremely efficient, friendly and creates fantastic wedding video moments.
In summary, I conclude that the advantages of the extra expense of paying for a quality wedding videographer are massive, but as wedding photographers we have to accept, that the couple can not always afford this. It is our job to produce the best wedding photography we can in that particular circumstance. If we approach the work from that point of view, then we are producing our work at the highest possible level and we are doing our very best for the bride and groom.





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